Why does this need to be wearable? Sensing the body, intimate or immersive experience for wearer, costume or fashion piece…

Comfort – size, weight & shape – small, lightweight, curved shapes

Placement – consider how the body moves, heavier items close to the core, run connections along seams and edges, pockets, linings,

Durability – made to stand up to wearing, washing and repairs, strain relief, accommodate full range of motion,

Insulation – prevent short circuits by considering layout, stitching, coatings, layers

Modularity – removable modules, good, strong connections for easy removal,

Protection – soft casing, waterproofing, protect from skin

Usability – functionality, testing, feedback

Aesthetics – how do you want it to look and feel? hide or reveal the electronics? who is your intended user?

Hacking wearables – pockets, seams, hoods, linings…

Maintaining access

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