hoodiesampler from clemens pichler aka fump on Vimeo.

Fabric Pressure and another

Fabric Flex,  The Gloves Project

Imogen Heap demonstrates latest version of Mi.Mu gloves from Dezeen.

Tilt Sensor and Fabric Tilt Sensor

Capacitive – Living Wall
MIT High Low Tech Group – Conductive Paint as Capacitive Sensor

Proximity Ultrasonic &  Infrared – Lilian Hipolyte Mushi



Sound Sensor (microphone)

Temperature – Mimo Baby monitor

Galvanic Skin Response


Air Quality (polution) – The Auto Filter


Infrared Emitter & Detector

Accelerometer –

Heart Rate – Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Pulse Index

Brain Waves – Yehuda Duenyas, The Ascent

Zipper Switch

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