9/27 Class Notes

Leah Buechley

Social Circuits
Openmaterial.org – Catarina Mota – Intimate sensor.
M.I.T High-Low tech group

Adafruit Gemma – small sewable microcontroller



Fritzing – for drawing circuit diagrams like the ones below: http://fritzing.org/home/

Neopixels: RGB LEDS 🙂 

Potentiometer Circuit:


Photo-Resistor Circuit: (voltage divider)


Pressure Sensor Circuit:


Capacitive Sensor Circuit:


Capacitive Sensing Library


Homework due on Wednesday, October 11. 

Create a pocket/patch that can be attached or detached from your body or another surface. The pocket should contain your microcontroller, a sensor (capacitive sensor, pressure sensor, or fabric button) and at least one Neopixel. Use conductive thread, conductive fabric, or other conductive materials to connect your circuit. Consider the placement of your battery within the pocket. Draw out your circuit so you have a plan about how it will lay out. Write a program to work with a sensor to effect your neopixels.

Make a post to the blog showing a video of your working sketch. Talk about your process and any challenges you may have faced.

Reading:“Wearables: The Flesh of Social Computing” from Closer: Performance,Technologies and Phenomenology

We will also discuss Dress Language & Communication from The Clothed Body.