Class 3

Discuss Interface blog posts

Zach Blas – Face Cages

Image result for zach blas face cages



Sewable Microcontrollers

Small Microcontrollers

Installing Boards

Digital Read

Analog Read

Internal Pull-up Resistor

Installing Libraries




Intro to Arduino – installing Flora
Programming a switch (digital input)
Fabric Switch

conductive fabric

Less EMF

Eeonyx fabrics

resistive fabrics

Less EMF

kobakant H2GWYW

UV and solar reactive fabric

Madison Maxey

thermochomic fabric





photo-luminescent fabric

computer generated fabrics

–     Other smart materials: 

Conductive threads and yarns

Solar reactive thread

conductive paint

conductive ink

conductive transparent film

Thermoplastic film

EL wire

QTC (Quantum Tunneling Composite)

Polymorph material

magnetic varnish

UV reactive materials

things that glow in the dark

shape memory materials


smart electro ceramics

organic electronics…

Serpica Naro – use of “the media” itself as a technology

Min Tanaka – Electric Dress – 1957


Hacking Couture

– – Catarina Mota – Intimate sensor.

–      M.I.T High-Low tech group

Syuzi PakhchymEric Zainzinger and Chung-Hay

Serial Audio Mixer Max Patch


Choose one of your augmented interface ideas from last week’s post to prototype and develop in class beginning next week and due the following week on September 25. Consider this prototype as a working proof of concept, which does not necessarily need to use finishing materials, but does need to contain a working circuit. Create a sketch outlining your plan. Describe it and post to the blog.

Make a list of materials you will need. Gather as many materials as possible and bring them to class next week.


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