Class 2

Conductive Materials

Sewable Components

  • Sewable LEDs
  • Sewable coin-cell battery holders
  • Sewable switches

Sewable Microcontrollers


Wearables History

Useful Links

Battery Holder examples





  • Create a soft circuit with two LEDs and 1 switch. Schematic as shown.
  • You could add more LEDs or more switches.
  • The circuit could be on a piece of textile or on clothing.
  • Be “creative” with the switch.

Week 1 Assignment Schematic

Embroidery inspirations:


conductive fabric

Less EMF

kobakant H2GWYW

Eeonyx fabrics

Project Ideas…

resistive fabrics

Less EMF

kobakant H2GWYW

UV and solar reactive fabric

Madison Maxey

thermochomic fabric





photo-luminescent fabric

computer generated fabrics


Post sketch: Interface: The boundary or shared space between two areas or systems. It allows for interaction between two entities that would otherwise be unable to communicate with each other. Observe your daily interactions with objects, people and the environment. Pay special attention to intimate interactions (direct contact) and come up with 3 ideas for augmenting or deepening the level of interaction. Post them + include your observations.

Purchase part 2 of class kit and bring to class next week. If you are not purchasing part 2 of the kit, please bring your Arduino and USB cable.

Reading: Dress, Language and Communication




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