10/05 Class Notes



In  – Data Input.

Connect to a digital output pin on your board. Ex. D9 on Flora or Pin 9 on Lilypad.

+ –  Power

Connect to VBATT.

– Ground

Connect to GND

– Output

Connect to the next Neopixel on the chain.

+ and G (Power and Ground) can also be connected in a chain.

Install Neopixel Library

From the Sketch menu, > Include Library > Manage Libraries…  In the text input box type in “NeoPixel“. Look for “Adafruit NeoPixel by Adafruit” and select the latest version by clicking on the dropbox menu next to the Install button. Then click on the Install button. After it’s installed, you can click the “close” button.

From the File menu, select SketchbookLibrariesAdafruit_NeoPixelstrandtest

Stretch Conductive Fabric


  1. Post documentation from your pocket/patch to the blog. If you need to upload a video, it will need to be hosted on youtube or vimeo (0r another site.) You can then post a link to the video on the blog.

In addition, bring a material for creating an alternative speaker to class on Monday. The material needs to lightweight and be able to move air. Styrofoam plates are good. Things that crinkle when you you move them are also good. The material can not be conductive.