9/28 Class Notes

–      DIY soft sensors: Introduction to techniques and related concepts to build your own sensors using smart and soft materials applied to wearable technology. Contact, pressure, bend, capacitive, proxy and various sensors.

Fritzing – for drawing circuit diagrams like the ones below: http://fritzing.org/home/

Bare Conductive Paint: http://www.bareconductive.com/
Buy here: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10994

Neopixels: RGB LEDS 🙂 

Potentiometer Circuit:


Photo-Resistor Circuit: (voltage divider)


Pressure Sensor Circuit:


Capacitive Sensor Circuit:


Capacitive Sensing Library


Homework due for Monday 10/3:

Create a pocket/patch that can be attached or detached from your clothing or other surface. The pocket should contain your microcontroller, a sensor (capacitive sensor or pressure sensor) and either an LED, piezo buzzer, or Neopixel. Use conductive thread, conductive fabric, or other conductive materials to connect your circuit. Consider the placement of your battery within the pocket. We will work on placing your components, programming and calibrating your sensor on Monday in class. Complete the fabric (or other material) base for the pocket and bring everything you will need to complete it (including alternative conductive materials) on Monday. Also draw out your circuit so you have a plan about how it will lay out on the pocket. The pockets will be due at the beginning of class on Wednesday, October 5.

Pocket Patterns: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/pocket-pattern/

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