Yujin Han / Light sense

In my final project of this class, I wanted to employ the artificial action from the technology on the garment. for that, I wanted to put actions to turn the lights on.

For the initially attempt of putting the lights on the garment, I tried to put the stretch sensor on the back of the garment. In doing so, the lights are on when the person who wears the garment bent the back. I made the stretch sensor with using conductive paint on the vinyl pleated fabric.  when the back is bent the fabric got fully stretched and the lights are on. However, I faced quite difficulties to transfer the electric to the neo pixel and the lights didn’t react. I personally think the problem was the stretch sensor didn’t stretch enough when it was inserted on the garment.

For the second attempt, I put the light sensor on the garment which should have sensed the light on the front and transfer the information to the other lights, so the whole set of lights turn on. However, the light sensor did not do its job, it was not reading the information from the Arduino.

So! For the final attempt was putting touch sensor on the garment and the lights are fully on when it got touched. I placed the sensor on the center, nearly next to the place of the heart. This time it was quite working and to be further I am thinking of putting the light sensor that did not broke.

I’ve got inspiration of the garment construction from this picture.5a816f67750e38b67f90d2863c954a0e.jpg

and created to this.





ps. I think the video file can not be uploaded…I sent it to the email

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 9.37.02 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 9.37.08 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 9.37.15 PM.png

Icarus Dress

For my final project I wanted to use motors and feathers to convey an ill fated attempt at flight.  I experimented with different ways of attaching feathers to vibrating motors and different cups for the motors to bounce off of once attached tot he dress.  after several 3d printing experiments i decided to print 9 tiny funnel shapes just big enough to cradle the motors.  I then constructed the dress using screen printing techniques, stretch mesh, grommets and bias nylon crinoline as a finishing.  I decided to use standard insulted wire as the circuitry because of its sculptural  capabilities and the tension it draws between tech and garment.  While I had initially intended for the dress to make noise as well as vibrate, in order to get the maximum amount of power to the motors I decided to make the dress a straight forward circuit that turns on and off with a switch.   I think that in the future I would like to experiment with different ways of incorporating the switch into the garment.

This is a video I made documenting the collection as a whole


Mood Swing


The starting concept was inspired by my own experience of struggling with my mental health condition. I had a really bad mood swing starting this early semester because I was stressing out because of the personal issues. When I was struggling, people around me always checked how I ‘feel,’ even though I told them I was fine (and I was actually fine), they would tell me, “No, you don’t look fine but It is going to be all okay.” I wanted to tell them I was actually “OKAY” when I am.

I adore how certain animals can express their feelings and warning with bodily visual elements. Especially, I love how hedgehogs express their attention and meditation level through either relaxing thorns or having their thorns stuck up. Thrones of Hedgehogs became my visual inspiration.

So for this project, I wanted to make a dress that will express if a person, including myself, is actually okay or not with disticntive visual element. I used brain sensor to change the color of my 3D printed thrones to show whether a person who is wearing it is feeling good or not. I sew flora LEDs and glued the 3D printed thrones on top of the LEDs.

Unfortunately, the website is not allowing me to upload the color changing video so I will only upload photos with different colors of LEDs. Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 12.54.57 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-12-28 at 12.55.06 AM.png

When I documented with a model, I asked the model to interpret those colors, how she feels about the color and express it through her poses.


Before the final presentation, I faced a lot of technical issues so I seperated LED trails into two section and the bottom LEDs are fixed with one color but the top part would react to the brain sensor. Thankfully, Snow modelled for me. IMG_3779.JPGScreen Shot 2016-12-19 at 8.16.29 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-12-19 at 8.17.23 PM.png

Integrating wearable tech and neon light fixture with ballet

The objective of the environment that I was attempting to create was an atmosphere of fragility, interconnectivity, and co-dependency. The glass structure that was built to support the neons were simply made of glass tubes (with ends sealed), wire, and friction (or athlete’s) tape.

glass structure + neon .jpg

I tried to minimize the usage of friction tape, as I liked the look of wire holding together bare glass. It took me sometime to finalize on the method of tying the wire, but at the end I decided to make circular pattern that resembles a rose.


Portion of wire that is not part of the circular flower goes around the 2 glass tubes that it is holding together a few times, to ensure a tight grip, and then goes around the nearby glass tubes. After conjoining multiple glass tubes, the ends of wire comes back to the original flower that it sprung out from and goes around the circle few more times before they get  cut into an appropriate length.

Wires connecting the glass tubes symbolizes deeply woven interconnectivity between members in a society, and fragility that is inherently part of the society’s structure. The addition of neon tubes to the structure further solidifies its symbolism. The glowing neon lights illuminate the surrounding empty glass tubes, and the different colors of lights coexist with pleasant harmony.


The music that Emily and I chose for the piece was Brain Damage by Pink Floyd. We started out planning for more of a classical ballet music, but then we turned to Philip Glass for a while, and then we settled on Pink Floyd.

Due to the subsequent changes to the music choice, my idea for the garment changed along the way as well to better suit the atmosphere of the music. At first I tried to use optical fibers, because I liked how it was giving the skirt some structure. At the time I had the optical fibers attached outside the skirt, holding upper parts of skirt up. Then I took it apart and switched to adding RGB pixels on the lower half of the skirt following the embroidery pattern.

Unfortunately we have had some troubles with the RGB lights on the day of performance, but I’ll most likely be keep working on the garment as well as the light structure on the stage since neither Emily nor I feel quite done with the project yet.

We’ve been talking about videographing it in a more sectioned and enclosed space, and having a more visible storyline. We are both excited to continue to work on the project, and there are a lot of additions and improvements to be made as we were both quite ambitious considering the amount of time we had to work with.



an etch-a-sketch for a bird


With this project, I am observing surveillance, domestication, and freedom. When my friend told me she wanted to be able to let her pet parakeet fly freely– that it is sad for birds to stay in cages all the time– I started thinking of solutions for a bird tracker. The challenge in letting a bird fly freely is that it is very difficult to retrieve them afterwards because humans don’t have as much accessibility to vertical direction. Humans have a digital accessibility to look down from a bird’s eye view onto maps to give us clearer pictures. I am exploring the push-pull relationships and allowances that occur between human and non-human (digital and organic) entities while I create an etch-a-sketch that allows an entity with xyz accessibilities to create their own drawings.








MY JOY—— Light Controlled Flower Dress


“A flower blossoms for its own joy.”

——Oscar Wilder


I had lived in Beijing for more than 4 years and also had suffered the bad weather there for more than 4 years.

Smog and sandstorm made that city became gray and dusty. I missed the blue sky and white clouds so much.


This is a dress which can open flowers when there is enough sunlight.

It is controlled by UV sensor and servo motor.