The Aurora Dress by CuteCircuit from CUTECIRCUIT on Vimeo.

The Soft Electric by Grace Kim

Climate Dress

Multiplexed LEDs

Twitter Dress by Cute Circuit

LED Calculator – to figure out series or parallel, and what resistor you will need

Fiber Optics

IAMI Woven Personal Data Portrait from LigoranoReese on Vimeo.

Fiber Optic Fabric

FIber Optic Dress from Natalie Walsh on Vimeo.

Fiber Optic Strands

Electroluminescent Materials

EL Wire, Panel, Tape

Sound Illuminating Dress

8 Bits Kleed

skôn from Paula Kassenaar on Vimeo.


apology helmet + greetometer glove from meg grant on Vimeo.

Wearable Body Speaker from Karina Karina on Vimeo.

Circuit Dress from Nicky Assmann on Vimeo.

Di Mainstone


The Posture Suspenders : Working Prototype from Tobias Sonne on Vimeo.

Muscle Wire – Shape Memory Alloy


Servo Motor

Jale by Heike Sperber 2010 from Melissa Coleman on Vimeo.


Fairytale Fashion

Artfully Inventive clothing

Levis Red DLX Jeans

20055_0009-white-tanktop_ 042

The Gigbyte Shirt

Melissa Coleman – Holy Dress, Memory Embedded clothing

Fiona Carswell – The Smoking Jacket

Massage Me

Ying Gao

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