Project Development Interactive Projection

3rd-design-interactive-projectiob.jpg Diagram of new Mat design.

My Project has evolved again after thinking about how  the materiality of the interface could connect the viewer more into the process and purpose of interacting with the projection I have changed the design to a giant  Light Colour Wheel Map. This shape will be projected onto the wall and the viewers will be ‘green screened’ into the projection.

The larger  outer sections Red, Green and Blue will be large pressure sensors Chromo keyed individually into Max made of their assigned coloured fabric and neo pixels sewn underneath  surrounding the edges to give enough light  for the camera. Each of RGB section will be allocated its own area of the camera through a mask  and  by using three of the Suckah! object grids to  choose the specific colour of these sections to separate the video footage. 

The pressure sensor in each will allow the other various effects through Max msp  to change the video source with various distortions- i.e. noise, manipulation of some sort. The Cyan, Yellow and Magenta will also be pressure sensors. But they will control the sound of the three videos. Possibly the volume or the pace? 

W- In the centre is a adafruit colour sensor which when activated by the viewer  can also change the live video sourced area of the colour projected onto the wall (example – their pink top). There will be multiple neo pixels in this section too which will change along with the colour of the sensor. 

I want the videos to be white noise when no one is on the mat.  The three videos  will be found source sampled which will have a slight comment on the evolution  digital space on people’s perspective of what is real. From Camera Obscura to film to video and entering virtual reality. 

2nd design Interactive Projection Previous design and idea of Installation set up.


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