Observations: Gwen Chiu

A. The distance of personal space.

  1. Seems to depend on individuals and on each person’s cultural background. In Chicago, personal space seems to be a noticeable 15-20″.  When this comfortable distance is interrupted, they naturally/unconsciously gravitate away the source of interruption in order to recreate the comfortable distance.
  2. ie magnetic repulsion

B.  Footprint machine: takes a physical footprint of every step you take! like a receipt of footprints.

C. Unconscious interactive senses:

  1. How do you express yourself when you are proud of yourself? Body position shift? Exclamation? Facial expression? Jump up in the air?
  2. Shaking hands with someone: I find myself in a extremely special state of mind, unlike in any other form of interaction (hug, wave) before I shake hands with someone for the first, even second time. stiffness, formalities, but almost a feeling of pushing forward. two garments that when interacted through a handshake that reacts instantly like raised porcupine quills or an electrical shock that all your body hair sticks up.

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