The Holy Dress

Melissa-Coleman-Holy-Dress-1 (1)

The Holy Dress is artist and curator; Melissa Coleman’s collaboration with Leonie Smelt and Joachim Rotteveel.

‘The Holy Dress’ is a copper plated metal dress that inspects if the wearer is telling the truth through senses that detect the levels of stress in the wearers voice through a speech recognition system. The dress has LED lights which light up gradually if the wearer appears to not be telling the truth and will impulse an electric shock upon the wearer if it is suspected that they are lying. The shock is not higher than 10.000V. In an online interview with Clot Magazine Coleman explains “I make sure that my stories are rooted in the issues we’re facing today because ultimately I don’t care about a potential future. I care about the world we are experiencing right now.” ‘The Holy Dress’  seeks a transparency that is revealed through the visibility and vulnerability of the wearer.

Katie Harvey


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