Yujin Han / Light sense

In my final project of this class, I wanted to employ the artificial action from the technology on the garment. for that, I wanted to put actions to turn the lights on.

For the initially attempt of putting the lights on the garment, I tried to put the stretch sensor on the back of the garment. In doing so, the lights are on when the person who wears the garment bent the back. I made the stretch sensor with using conductive paint on the vinyl pleated fabric.  when the back is bent the fabric got fully stretched and the lights are on. However, I faced quite difficulties to transfer the electric to the neo pixel and the lights didn’t react. I personally think the problem was the stretch sensor didn’t stretch enough when it was inserted on the garment.

For the second attempt, I put the light sensor on the garment which should have sensed the light on the front and transfer the information to the other lights, so the whole set of lights turn on. However, the light sensor did not do its job, it was not reading the information from the Arduino.

So! For the final attempt was putting touch sensor on the garment and the lights are fully on when it got touched. I placed the sensor on the center, nearly next to the place of the heart. This time it was quite working and to be further I am thinking of putting the light sensor that did not broke.

I’ve got inspiration of the garment construction from this picture.5a816f67750e38b67f90d2863c954a0e.jpg

and created to this.





ps. I think the video file can not be uploaded…I sent it to the email

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 9.37.02 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 9.37.08 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 9.37.15 PM.png


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