Icarus Dress

For my final project I wanted to use motors and feathers to convey an ill fated attempt at flight.  I experimented with different ways of attaching feathers to vibrating motors and different cups for the motors to bounce off of once attached tot he dress.  after several 3d printing experiments i decided to print 9 tiny funnel shapes just big enough to cradle the motors.  I then constructed the dress using screen printing techniques, stretch mesh, grommets and bias nylon crinoline as a finishing.  I decided to use standard insulted wire as the circuitry because of its sculptural  capabilities and the tension it draws between tech and garment.  While I had initially intended for the dress to make noise as well as vibrate, in order to get the maximum amount of power to the motors I decided to make the dress a straight forward circuit that turns on and off with a switch.   I think that in the future I would like to experiment with different ways of incorporating the switch into the garment.

This is a video I made documenting the collection as a whole



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