Final Project Check In

Where are you currently at with your project?

What are some things you still don’t understand or know?

What is your plan for work today?

4 class periods remaining – including today – how to you envision using this time?

                December 7 added class – in-class testing and feedback on prototype?

                Final critique needs – space/time/install time etc… Dec 14 or Dec 19

Remember that documentation of your project is a part of your final. You will need to do a blog post this weekend on the current state of your project, as well as a final blog post including documentation of your finished project as well as some in-process documentation. For most people a video will be the best way to document your finished work. Make sure to schedule time and help (a model, camera person, etc.) for shooting the documentation video. Videos will need to be hosted somewhere other than this blog, so you’ll need to upload to youtube or vimeo and paste a link into your post.

Also consider how you’d like to show your work for the final critique. If you need someone to model your work, make sure you arrange for that ahead of time. Each person will have 30 minutes to show their work and have discussion around it. Be prepared to answer questions about your concept, process and how your work fits into the context of other artists and ideas we have discussed in this class.

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