fiber optic cable fireworks


I have been experimenting with combining fiber optic cables and neo pixels using little bundles secured with heat shrink.  When successfully lit, the bundles are fairly bright and visually striking, and i’m pleased with the effect i’ve been able to create.  However, connecting the pixels has given me a lot of trouble.  Ive been able to get two lit, but when Ive added a third only the first pixel in the strand is lit.  Its difficult to trouble shoot and find errors when each connection consists of 6 nodes (ground to ground, power to power, input to output.)  I’ve also had some technical challenges in terms of the coding a fade from one color to another for the neopixels, as the codes provided online are helpful but also opaque in terms of how they function, so it’s difficult to trouble shoot those as well.  I want to continue to trouble shoot and attempt to make this work but i will also begin working on other projects in case my efforts do not prove successful.  If i’m able to make this work, i hope to make a longer strand of pixels and make the coding interaction between them more complex.  I may also attempt to include other moving/vibrating profusions to the garment that i affix the pixels to.


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