Fiber Optic Cables

I’m excited by fiber optic cables because it is materially exciting – bouncy, versatile – and also because it can emit a lot of light using a little bit of power, which is ideal for garments.  I want to experiment with incorporating the cable into knitted garments, woven or knitted into the garment to give it an other worldly alien sparkling look.  the cables look like little explosions or stars to me, and i think that they could be a simple way to add some energy to my garments.  Since the collection is all about flight, I want to have lots of bouncing distracting components to give it a feeling of mania.

fiber optic cables emit light through the diffuse reflection of light off of the molecular irregularities within the fiber that cause the light to scatter and reflect. fiber optic cables are primarily used in light fixtures, creating beautiful scattering sparkle lights or concealed and used in place of expensive neon fixtures. sells side emitting fiber optic cable, end emitting fiber optic cable, SPARKLE fiber optic cable, solid core end glow, solid core side glow, spools of end emitting cable and spools of bundles of cable (7 strands to 48!) .  cables come in a variety of widths, from .5 mm to 3.00 mm thick.  You can get large quantities for a couple hundred bucks or cables sold by the foot, about 5 cents per foot for the thinnest cables.

The cables sold on this site are sold without a PVC jacket, which is the cheapest way to purchase the cables but they must handled with care.  The main danger is that little fragments of the fiber can get stuck in your skin/eyes and they are very small and hard to remove, so gloves/goggles are recommended. sells cables with a jacket, but only in large quantities. here is a super amazing garment made from fiber optic side emitting cable!

Claire Danes looked amazing in her fiber optic dress at the Met Gala!

okay this one it super beautiful too






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