continued research

I’m really interested in using el wire !

“EL wire’s construction consists of five major components. First is a solid-copper wire core, coated with phosphor. A very fine wire or pair of wires is spiral-wound around the phosphor-coated copper core and then the outer ITO conductive coating is evaporated on. This fine wire is electrically isolated from the copper core. Surrounding this “sandwich” of copper core, phosphor, and fine copper wire is a clear PVC sleeve. Finally, surrounding this thin, clear PVC sleeve is another clear, colored translucent, or fluorescent PVC sleeve.” –wikipedia

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 11.17.03 AM.png

After researching safety hazards for el wire, it looks like they are pretty safe and the user really only has to worry about avoiding short circuits. This website suggests to use a battery with an inverter and to avoid bending the wire too much.

“El Wire Best Buy” has some reasonably priced starter kits. 8 ft with battery for $19.. There’s also a few sellers on amazon that have high reviews.


Here is an interesting video of sound activated el wire glasses !

Video of manually dimming el wire with arduino!

Interesting video ad for a board that makes el wire touch sensitive.

For my own project I’m thinking about how I could use the el wire with a different sensor, maybe pressure sensor, and develop the pressure sensor led sock/shoe I did before in class.


One thought on “continued research

  1. Ash, thank you for your research. I’m wondering if you’ve started to work with interfacing the el wire with arduino at all. This seems like the next direction for you in your work. This instructable may be useful to you in this pursuit. The Whoa board is also quite interesting. It looks like you can still purchase one for $60 through their indygogocampaign here:
    Here is another option for controlling EL wire without the triac circuit:


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