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  1. Sometimes it takes a lot of time for me to decide on my outfit because I need to consider the occasions, the weather outside, level of comfort and what I feel like wearing while also making sure that I don’t look ridiculous, so it will be really cool if there will be a system that organize all the clothes based on the occasions, temperatures suited, comfort level by 0 to 100, and possible coordination with this item. So say I am dining out with my family, I want to look good while also have a comfy level of about 60, I feel like wearing something red today and it’s really warm outside, after I input these information into the system, the interface will generate different options of coordination that might suit my preferences. It can be time saving.
  2. I crave for snacks even when I’m not actually hungry sometimes. And sometimes these snacks are not nutritionally beneficial or even unhealthy. The same food are not always digested and absorbed at the same rate for different individuals, so the information on food packages or other sources about the percentage of nutrition that a person can receive is not really specific.  So I want a interface that can measure momentarily the amount of nutrition that the users’ digestive system have absorb from the food they eat in one day, so people can better regulate their meal and nutrition.
  3. Many times we need to memorize stuff in mind instead of relying on notes or other recording appliances, but for people who are bad with memorizing or have certain disabilities, it can be a great advantages while it’s actually not their fault to not be able to memorize correctly. Or sometimes, when people get nervous, they forget the stuff they memorized before, which is troublesome too. Memorization is a very time consuming task while being not really necessary as it’s merely a mechanical process. If there is a technology that can embed such information into people’s mind, people can call up these related info in need.

One thought on “Interactive interface -Snow

  1. About your first idea, actually I had ever made a prototype of that application for iPhone 3 years ago. First, for using this application, users are acquired to fill in their own data like sex, age, height and weigh. Then the application will create a model based on that. Second, users can take pictures of their clothes and store them in their digital closet( For this, I think in future users can record them through scanning the tags). And the system will recommend you the suit to wear depend on the weather, the color and the situation you choose, the style which is popular during that time. You can also change the top or bottom pieces in this suit if you like. And this application will even recommend jewelries to you.
    Also, this application is connected to the online stores. You can try their clothes on your digital body to see whether it is fit for you,
    For future, depending on the development of 3D technology, I think there is a broad market for this.


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