interaction hw – ash

1- one of the first daily things i’m aware of is my alarm, i like waking up around 4/4:30.. and i always feel a bit bad for my roommate! i’m curious if there is a way to have an alarm without sound? the only other sense i could see working is movement.. and after googling, it already exists! an app with wristband that vibrates.

2- something that tends to annoy me is my dermatographic urticaria .. my skin is so sensitive that even the smallest rub/scratch will irritate it and look similar to a rash.. would be really nice if i could touch it with a certain finger and it would “cool”/ go away

3- today some peaches i was looking forward to went bad.. i think it would be neat if there were a machine where you could place food, press a button, and it would somehow become fresh again.. i really hate when i don’t manage time well and food expires!


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