Hi. I am Minli Cao. I come from China and this is my first year for graduate study. My major is MFA Design for Emerging Technology. I learned New Media Art Design for my undergraduate study, something about multi-media, UI/UE design, movie shooting and editing, interaction design, etc. I like to do some interdisciplinary work based what I have learned. For my next two years at SAIC, I want to learn more about technology and how to put them into my work to make them into practical use.

This is one picture of my work.papapa.png

This is design for blind date. Since many young adults were pushed to choose a person to get married through blind dating, this work is designed to release their pressure and solve anxious problems which they are facing during the period of blind date.

This is a mobile phone shell with heart rate sensor. Once it detects that the user’s heart rate is beyond 100 times per minute, the bubbles on it will rise. Though investigation, pressing bubbles can do help to release pressure. So the users can touch and press though bubbles on it to help themselves to calm down and become less nervous.

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