Daily Interaction homework

  1. I went food shopping today and realized I didn’t know what I wanted to make for dinner. Pork seemed good, but how should I prepare it? I wanted an interface where I could press a ‘reader’ on the logo of the food that I could scroll through for ideas, and where to locate the rest of the ingredients in the store I would need to make it.
  2. There are multiple routes I can take to get to school and the route I choose is dependent on when which bus comes first. I’m glued to my Transit app on my phone which takes up data and one hand to figure out what time I should leave and which stop to go to. Instead of using an app, I would like to have a sensor on each bus line I take and wear a bracelet with a changing color light that indicated how much time I have left to leave my apartment and which bus is coming sooner.
  3. My partner was nervous about a critique. I wished I could with a finger touch the center of his chest and literally take away the worry, kind of like a worry magnet was implanted in the pads of my fingers.


It was hard for me to come up with augmented ideas because augmented technology already exists for the things I was thinking of, such as a metal key can be replaced by a fob, which can be replaced by a thumb print, which can be replaced by voice activation, etc etc. But I realize each iteration in this example removes components of an interface until it disappears completely.


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