Augment Interaction

1/ Many of my friends like to send me some postcards ever since they came to a new place. And many of they wrote about the food there. However I though one picture is not convincing. It is awesome if it can collect the smell of the food and send to me.

2/ Every time when I cooked there would be a disaster cause I could not handle the mount of flavouring. I hope that there would be a spoon which can tell me how much should get when it touch certain flavouring after I tell it that what I want to cook.

3/ I am used to stay alone when I feel upset. I enjoy laying on my bed and holding my pillow in my arms. At that time I think it can comfort me if my quilt and my pillow can hold me back with little pressure.


One thought on “Augment Interaction

  1. Your last interface augmentation reminded me of these pillows:

    i know that you said you hug your pillow when you prefer to be alone, but maybe something like this could be changed to be used by one person. to replicate a hug, you could add components that are used in heated blankets to make it warm when the pillow senses pressure, and maybe the pillow could be made with some sort of foam material that expands when exposed to heat so it feels like it’s hugging you back.


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