Assignment due 9.14

Whenever I’m in a space with other people, I have made a habit to examine their facial expressions. Some people look completely exhausted but they are trying to not look like it, and some people look undeniably happy.

If there was a shirt with a facial expression recognition device, and if the recognized facial expression can be translated into group of LED lights forming an emoji, people could see what kind of emotion their face is telling while talking to the person wearing the shirt.

If such shirt was to be possible, it could start an interesting social experiment by letting people know of what their facial expression implies to others. People are often unaware of their genuine feelings, as current society has made a habit of telling people what they are supposed to feel depending on the situation. Seeing the difference between what kind of emotion a person’s face exhibits and what kind of emotion a person thinks  they is showing could be an enlightening experience.


Similar experiences bring people together. People look for other people who they can share the experience with in school clubs, book clubs, and various different online groups. In recent years, online forums has been increasingly popular for sharing experience for its convenient.

A device, whether it be embedded in a necklace, or in a sturdy jacket, that a user could upload it with a certain code that corresponds to a certain category of experience could connect the people in real life by reacting to a device with the same code nearby. The device could provide the same convenience as being online, if not more, since all you have to do to meet people to have engaging conversation with is be outside, out and about.
A lot of people say rash things during the heat of argument, if not everyone. Unfortunately people generally seem to have issue admitting that they did not mean what they said, just to keep their pride safe and proud momentarily. Later on, after time had worked its magic in people’s head, they all just have their own personalized view of what happened, while nobody knows what exact words have been passed through. At that point, rather than abandoning a relationship that used to be or could have been valuable just because it is easy to do so, it would be better to have a recording device that is activated by heart rate to begin with, and just listen to the argument of the moment later on whenever both parties are ready to, and talk about it with logic, in calm manner.


One thought on “Assignment due 9.14

  1. listening heart bits has long been good to calm down the temper and I believe it can really help for relaxation.
    However, it is true that the sound of heartbeats would not work right at the moment of the fight but after all the disaster.


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