Reading Response

The most remarkable part of the reading for me was where the author talks about the protest wear. Contemporary fashion has contained more meanings than just ‘garments’, but I was pretty shocked that the structure of the garment was reflected its intention to express its political statement because usually, the structure of the garment does not necessarily¬†reflect. One of the organizers said, “if all social and political control exercises its mastery of the body, if the market economy has converted the body into merchandise, the ‘white monkeys’ have called for a ‘rebellion of bodies’ against the world power.” I thought it was an interesting approach, but I do not think the connected garments really served his purposes because the text on the garment was not visible if they intended the audience to read them.

I was also quite uncomfortable where the book mentions,”why save the world when we can design it?…political organization.” I think the term “save” and “design” are inappropriate for political activities because it sounds like the statement is implying there are “certain people” who make politically changes to “save” people. I believe art can be a form to express political statement but the quote sounded it is the ONLY form to give an impact politically

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