Reading Response on Critical Interface

The essay states that wearable technology is currently in thirdspace, a state between production and consumption.

Being in the middle state allows wearable technology to not be completely tied with consumers, since consumption phase hasn’t started at large. This is a significant benefit for the creator who is utilizing wearable technology. Fashion industry always have to be sensitive towards the market needs in current society, and it requires the industry to function in an extremely fast pace, whether the designer is in favor of it or not is inconsequential. However, at this point in time, an artist intending to create a wearable art integrated with wearable technology, does not suffer from the same circumstances as ‘fashion’ designer.

Wearable Technology is yet to be part of the fashion industry. While partial usage occurs, most of the population would agree that Wearable Technology is most associated with Art and Tech field. The current perception of Wearable Technology allows artists who are experimenting with WT a chance and space to aim for a different category of audience from fashion industry.

By aiming at different type of audience, WT artists can pour all their time, sweat, and love on what they wish to express and achieve by presenting their technology-fused garment. They do not have the issue of having to follow ever-changing and unsatisfiable consumer needs and desires. Or the issue of having to conform to deep-rooted aristocracy in an extremely competitive field.


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