reading response -ash

After reading this text I looked at the other responses on the blog, and I really agree with Jillian.. I definitely got the same read she did. On page 217 there’s even a quote included which says technology artifacts that are “soft, colorful, and beautiful” encourage women to join the science community. Related to this, today I saw an article shared on Facebook (link here) called “Why women are asking a major art and technology festival to #KissMyArs”. It’s about how this art + technology festival over the span of 29 years has awarded it’s “Golden Nica” to 9 men and only 1 woman. Heather Dewey-Hagborg is also quoted in this article.

Jennifer Darmour’s “Ping”, shown at the end of the text, reminded me of an app. Not exactly a wearable, but it’s called “Pair” and its meant to be a space for long distance couples to connect. There’s a feature called thumb kiss where when the two users touch the screen simultaneously, it vibrates.


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