reading response

My thoughts about the critical interface were about the body’s role within the performativity of garments/WT. The materials over a body characterize or activate the body to an-other person/viewer. When material interacts with a body, it becomes political in a way it wouldn’t as it stands alone. The body becomes a vehicle to give material volume, and the way the wearable interacts in its contexts is its statement. Its technology allows the body to heighten its senses or range of bodily movement/capabilities.

Beneath the garment is a very personal and individual body, whereas the expanse on the other side is public. When the garment is able to act — extend, reveal/conceal, etc — it can become an emphasis, augment, or exposure. The screen, in film, and on computers have theoretical connections to a veil. It is an interesting parallel to see how culture embodies its technology to theorize clothing to be a graphical interface.

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