Alert Shirt – Feel the Game!


This Alert Shirt uses the technology of VR and is advertised to help enhancing the experience of watching football game on TV. By wearing this shirt, the football fans get receive the physical sensations from a selected football players, such as heartbeats, collision with other players. These sensations are collected by the sensors wore by the football players and sent to the base station, which then get transmit simultaneously with the footage. When the signal is received on the shirt through the wireless connection with the Alert Shirt App, haptic feedback sensors can reproduce the specific physical impact for the wearer.

It’s a really cool invention to be used in combination with virtual media such as television, movie and computer game, and it can provide a better sense of engagement with what’s happening on the screen, thus making the stories/games more exciting and the experience of certain events more accessible to the common public. However, I feel like any further development of this technology outside the entertainment industry will be difficult, since it can’t possibly be used for daily communication. Although sometimes we might feel that being able to transmit our physical sensations to others can make the communication easier, but the physical sensations are naturally the part that we keep to ourselves, and an unwanted transmission of it can be a violation of privacy. And I think most people won’t prefer to know the exact physical sensation of others,because it will reshape the relationships between individuals and pose a new social pressure during communication. So I think this kind of VR should stick to enhancing the virtual experience, and it will be beneficial to introduce sensors that can also serve other senses such as smell or taste to make the experience more complete.

Information for this Alert Shirt can also be found on this website:


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