Amy Winters;Structural Colored Fashion

I found the basic information here;

Amy Winters, a new media artist and a fashion designer, working in London, collaborated with the researchers of the University of Cambridge and the LBF Fraunhofer Institute for A/W 2012 collection and they came up with a new type of fabric called the ‘Polymer Opal’ Lycra. The rubber-like properties of the fibers result in color changes when bent, stretched or twisted.

In the catalog of the collection, the model stretches the garment to really emphasize the concept of color changing and its technology. You can find more photos here:


The most important features of the fabric are that “color are more intense, do not fade over time and look metallic, although the material contains no metal”.

Chromic Phenomena – Colour and Light manipulation in materials inspired by nature

There are some video’s of the fabric as well.

This attracted me the most because of its quality of “revealing things that are unexpected.” I also think its really innovative how one fabric can contain multiple colors through the tension and the fold; I can see it as a fabric for a bag that bike riders can use when it’s dark, the riders can easily change colors to protect themselves from other cars at night by stretching the bag.


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