Hello – Jisu


I’ve been a painter most of my life but after I started SAIC I’ve been doing other stuff too.

Below are images of my work. Order is old to new.


(The Horned Queen – it is a millinery piece based on my nightmare from when I was younger)


(All Eyes – The painting is based on a novel that I was working on at the time. It is based on a imaginary creature who’s only organ is 100 eyes, nose, and mouth. The creature is rooted on the ground, unable to take any action other than watch.)


(this isn’t the finished piece but unfortunately it’s the only image of it I have at the current moment. The garment was based on Fahrenheit 451, and it was aimed to symbolize decay of intellect and neglected beauty of written word in modern society.)project-wysoccan-evidence-no-3

(This was a 3 piece project. You can see the whole project here: http://ojisu.squarespace.com/project-wysoccan/ . Wysoccan is a plant mixture Algonquin Indians use as part of heir rite of passage ritual and it is intended to erase childhood memories.)


So I started neon this summer and got into it pretty fast. The art sign up there is a practice piece. The one below is supposed to be Apathy divided in half with a noose/teardrop hanging down. the lower half of Apathy sign broke because the wiring wasn’t complete, but I thought it was, so I lit it, now it’s broken. It was a pretty sad day.


Well that concludes my introduction.

Have a good day!


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