Critical interface Response-Snow

I agree with Agamben’s idea that the experience of dress is like that of language, since the emergence of the human civilization(as we call it), clothing really shifts from being merely functional to aesthetically pleasing and then culturally representative. And as the wearable technologies bring the traditional garment onto another level and incorporate it into an extensive network, I think there is infinite potential for us to explore and exploit. It seems like in future, there is the tendency of people relying more on innovations that are combination of both traditional/physical forms with the new conceptual technologies , e.g. wearable technologies. These hybrids will be the new humanist agent of the futurist era.

In terms of the idea of “hacking couture” that is mentioned, I think it’s something very valuable in many art and design fields as it represents the Avant-Garde value of democratizing, dematerializing and demystifying art, yet it certainly becomes a bit more tricky in fashion since there is a tight connection with industry, commerce and economics behind it. And I think this is a very special point in the history of art and technology that we are standing at right now, because most of us still grew up with a familiarity to the more traditional media (TV, radio, print, etc) while the booming of new technologies are taking over as we age. So in a sense, the decision that determines the future of this whole community lies in our hands. And personally, I think it’s really important to look back into the past(e.g. roles of crafter and artisans, fashion couture and apparel, while we are in the tide of these overflowing new media and possibilities and not to deny things just for the sake of innovation.



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