Intro – Snow

Hi, I’m Snow. I’m currently in my second year of undergraduate. I’ve experimented with some different media during my first year, and have discovered my interest in this department. So being in this class now, I hope to learn more about the technical part of it (such as programing) and also to get into contact about the social significance and relative issues or possibilities regarding the wearable technology. And I’m aiming to make work that can incorporate both my understanding of WT in relationship to human existence, and my questions to the contemporary societies.

Hear attach one of my past artwork. It’s an interactive game which calls for the activation of the spectators’ unconsciousness, and their awareness of the unlimited yet not fully realized ability of such mechanism.

Emoji poster



One thought on “Intro – Snow

  1. Hello Snow,
    Thank you for introducing yourself. I don’t completely understand the instructions to your game, but I would be interested in having you explain it to me in person. I look forward to working with you this semester.


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