How’s everyone doing on the reading?

Just want to make sure folks are not having trouble making posts. Feel free to get in touch if you are.

Also, there may have been some confusion about the homework for tomorrow evening. The assignment was listed at the end of the notes from last Wednesday’s class.

This is it:

1. Introductory Blog Post – Introduce yourself as an artist, describe what kind of work you are hoping to do this semester in this class and others, and upload at least one image of your past artwork. Take some time to review the posts of your classmates.

2. Reading homework: Read and post a short response to the blog. Feel free to respond to the posts of your classmates by commenting on their posts as well!

“The Critical Interface” from Garments of Paradise by Susan Elizabeth Ryan

Critical Interface_GarmentsofParadise

3. Purchase class kit and bring to class next Wednesday evening.

If you have not yet started reading “The Critical Interface” because you did not think it was part of the assignment, please know that I am planning to allow you an extra week to finish it. We will talk about it a bit in class tomorrow, but you can do the blog post response sometime next week.

So, just to be clear, do your introductory blog post, get your kit and read as much as you are able to read of “The Critical Interface.”

See you tomorrow in class 😉


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