intro // Jillian Santora

Hi! My name is Jillian, transplanted from New Jersey. My prefered pronouns are she/her. I’m a senior who’s been focused mainly in the Fibers department, but as of this semester I have started to branch out (like this class). My practice involves hand work such as embroidery and piecing, as well as machine sewing. Quilting is my happy place and the main thrust of my output — I’m interested in creating functional, highly intimate, and comforting objects, but am also super interested in queering the quilt production process through improvisation and material choice.

I have a decent amount of sewing experience, so feel free to shoot me an email if you ever have any questions about sewing/machines/fabric/etc. Though my garment construction knowledge is limited.

This class is exciting to me as I’ve been tossing around ideas relating to fabric and evidence of touch, which I think I can deeply explore here.

A work in progress:



avocado hand dyed linen with black denim scraps.

In my Shaping the Female Form class this week, we watched a video on the history of undergarments. The video mentioned NASA’s “electronic pulsing underwear,” which immediately led to some weird googling. I’ve never given much thought to space suits before (other than loving the dog portrait) but other people have given much MUCH thought to space suits and electronic pulses are just a fraction of a fraction of the amount of soft computing found in one. There’s pressure bladders, liquid cooling systems, a “green apple,” radiation proof fabric….the list goes on. And they have more survival gear tucked away in the arms and legs that I’m honestly baffled that astronauts are able to walk in them at all on gravity bound Earth.

Here‘s a news article about the underwear, fairly light and quick.

This is a 150 page NASA pdf I’m assuming is given to astronauts that completely explains every element of the space suit in surprisingly readable terms. It also outlines evacuation procedures and emergency ejection. I highly recommend glancing through it.


One thought on “intro // Jillian Santora

  1. Hello Jillian, Thanks so much for starting off the posts. Evidence of touch is a super compelling focus for your work in this class. Also the NASA undergarment article is amazing! The images alone are incredible. We have to look at this in class.


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