Anti- Conflict Vest

The concept for the vest came from wanting to create a physical object that helps a wearer manage conflict and stress. As a young adult, there is point where serious conflict arises with family, friends, and romantic partners more often. As an adult one needs to manage situations calmly and maturely. This vest is a conceptual way of forcing comfort and composure on the wearer.

The vest is controlled by a Adafruit flora. The flora has its own battery source and the fan uses a 9 volt battery. The flora controls the fan, pulse sensor, and a piezo mic. The code tracks the wearer’s BPM and vibrations from the throat. When the wearer’s BPM goes above 120 or the vibration number goes above 10 the fan is triggered and runs for 40 seconds. Over the course of 40 seconds the wearer is “hugged” by the vest. It gives them time to lower their heart rate, lower their voice, a think about what to say next.


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