HVAC Mishaps

I have not progressed as much as I had originally anticipated on the physical “making” part of my project. I have spent the last few days problem solving and finalizing my plan of action.

Last class, a fuse blew in my fan’s power cord. A new 5 amp fuse is currently shipping, however, Christine suggested replacing the power cord entirely so I can move forward faster. I will replace it today.

A few other adjustments have been made:

Rather than following my original proposal, I will be testing the strength of a Ranging Sensor rather than a PIR Motion Sensor. When tested, the motion sensor was not giving a consistent read and also had the ability to do much more than I needed it to do. A Ranging Sensor will hopefully detect any audible noise, such as footsteps, to alert my circuit of a human presence. Simplified.

My original proposal also called for the use of a piece of pipe like this: SquigglePipe

However, with the fan I purchased, it will make more sense to fully enclose the unit inside the partition wall I’m building. I will do this by placing vents in front of either fan.

wall vent cover

This way, the fan feels more cohesive with the piece, I can more easily target the portion of the body I wish to activate (with the pipe, the air direction and position is predetermined), and the subtlety I’m striving for will hopefully be enhanced.

Finally, I will be hanging drywall instead of plywood. This will lighten the load of the wall and is more cost effective. In short, this is how I will be constructing the drywall partition: drywall-hanging




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