Hi, after we had the presentation, I thought of the necessity to make a room to convey my ideas. I guess not but since I still want to depict the room when a person is suffering lethargy and depression, I wanted to make a garment that all the messy elements of room bundled together and moving forward with the messiness. I wanted to convey his desire to move, and since the mess is moving with him, it looks hard to move, which tells the idea of lethargy and desire of movement at the sametime.

there are circuits at the left above and sketches at right. I am using styrofoam and fabrics for bed, clothing, sheet. I am using spring and motor to neck which will slowly open and show the person’s face. I am planing using deem led for the lamp. Two wheels for entire garment’s movement. so it is going to be 3 different circuits and also I am going to put the remote control for the order of movement, which (neck, light, wheels)



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