Skin, Pores, & Servos

I apologize for not posting in so long; I had a very dramatic incident with my laptop and Apple and stuff

Skin Simulation:

Slits connected on the left and right side with fishing line to two servo motors to open and close as if they were sweat glands.

Materials used: muslin, embroidery hoop, fishing line, liquid latex, Arduino Uno, two servo motors

The muslin has approximately 5-7 coats of latex.  This allows it to retain its structure and shape when stretched in the embroidery hoop.


fishing line being tugged from the left side (first row only)


confusing underside contruction

Today’s goal is to: 1) fix my Arduino code; 2) switch out the existing servos to one that draws less current/hook a 9V to successfully power both servos


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