The Anti Anxiety Vest

For my finally project I want to experiment with inflatable clothing and explore an idea on how inflatable clothing could be practical in the real world. This project fits well with Wearables and Soft Sculpture because I am trying out a wearable cordless inflatable for the first time. The vest will have a small fan attached to the back and a few biometric sensors that will trigger the vest to inflate when the wearer is exhibiting signs that they are feeling emotional or anxious.

From my research I found that pressure over the chest area has proven to help calm humans and animals. I am taking this idea of using pressure and creating a inflatable vest out of clear vinyl that will be triggered to calm the wearer down when their heart rate speeds up or their voice raises. All of the electronics will be held in the back.

For the project I will be using a flora, contact microphone or a regular microphone, pulse sensor, and a small fan.


In preparation for class today I bought all the supplies I needed from either local stores or online. I also cut out the pattern of my test vest and plan to have it sewn together in class today.

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