Progress on Gesture Glove

Hi everyone. I’ve been out of class so I thought I’d write a post about my body listening project: a gesture-sensing glove. At the moment its more of an orientation-sensing glove. For starts, I picked up this sensor:


It is an accelerometer, compass and gyroscope all in one so it reads “9 degrees of freedom”. An accelerometer measures motion and gravity. A compass senses magnetic north/position. A gyroscope senses rotation. In this sensor, data from all three are combined to calculate orientation.

The first version of my glove:


It was made entirely of leather and used conductive thread to connect the microcontroller and sensor. However flexibility and connectivity were issues. The sensor could not provide a constant flow of data to the Flora and when disrupted, the program needed a complete reboot. Not optimal, obviously. I am still troubleshooting my technique with the conductive thread, as I believe it ought to work and think the problem may lie in my rather messy tied-off ends. That stuff is hard to tie into neat knots!

Here are the improvements I’ve made thus far:


As you can see, I replaced the leather with stretchy knit material at the knuckles to allow greater flexibility, and added more elastic around the fingers for a more snug fit.

I also added the thumb sleeve (which was always the intention). Note that all the fingers have conductive pads on them, which can be utilized eventually as buttons–when the thumb touches the conductive pad on the index or middle finger it completes a circuit. However I haven’t connected the pads yet, so for now they just allow the use of touch screens while being worn. Lastly, I replaced the conductive thread with soldered wires, which are hidden under the leather.


This sensor produces a LOT of scary-looking data. I pulled some code for a data visualization program from learn.adafruit libraries in order to make some sense of it immediately, and its pretty cool. I’d be glad to show to anyone who is interested!



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