Listening to my back

I decided to focus on my back because I often slouch without noticing and if their was a garment that signaled to me that I wasn’t having good posture would be an interesting reminder. This idea is branching off the sit up t-shirt I presented on Monday.

To sense the arching of the back I could use a tilt sensor, a flex sensor, a light sensor with a cover that moves when the material is stretched, or a capacitive sensor that makes contact with the skin when moved. Like the t- shirt, it will include the entire circuit on the shirt. The Arduino will be  attached to the end of one sleeve and conductive thread will be sewn across the neck and down the back to a resistor and stretch sensor. An Led will be at the end of the other sleeve and will connect across the back to the power supply at the first sleeve. Ideally I would prefer some sort of vibrator as the signal but at the moment I only have LEDs. For the coding I will try to include a calibration at the beginning of the code.


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