gesture listener

very much inspired by the gloves by imogen heap, i am interested in making a glove that tracks the motion of hands and fingers. as an artist, maker, and guitarist, my hands are beyond precious to me. i think i am more my hands than i am my mind, at times. i have been told that i gesture a lot, and in a peculiar way, while speaking. interestingly, my mother often points out that my father and i gesture in the same way, despite the fact that i was not raised with him (it is thus a genetic trait, not a learned one). it is also a very unconscious trait.

to “listen” to the gestures i make with my hands, i plan to use this adafruit accelerometer/compass:

sensors_1247-01 sensors_1247-00

i will construct a glove, or glove-like item, that places the sensor in my right palm. it may be interesting to compare the results between different wearers. perhaps it could allow me to recognize my own peculiar way of gesturing that i am so unaware of.

-mary kate

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