I apologize for the belated post.  I have been encountering difficulty constructing “original” content.  Every time I develop a concept, I consult Google and discover that “my” idea already exists.

I was doing research on two products that I felt were relatable to some of the ideas discussed in class. The first is not the same idea, but a derivative that spawned from Kate’s (@kbarba) mug idea.  It is not a wearable, but it is an exploration of the interaction between the body and technology.  Hidrate Me is a product that tracks the amount of water being consumed by an individual daily.  It notifies the user if they are successfully drinking enough water to meet their goals.  If the user is not drinking enough water, the water bottle will glow and text reminders to the user.

I was actually doing research on the product before our class meeting.  I was noticing how some customary greetings, such as hugs and handshakes, actually cause distress to some individuals. This is related to Grace’s (@gh2047) jacket idea.  The T Jacket was developed for people that experience frequent stress, anxiety, restlessness, etc.  It employs the use of air pressure to simulate hugs, which comforts and reduces levels of stress and anxiety.

My idea was inspired by Maggie (@mmcmah1).  I always see people exchanging glances at one another.  I was thinking about a contact lens that would change color depending on mood.  Also, when interacting with another user with the same contacts, the colors could blend or switch.


One thought on “Observations

  1. Great points of research and building on others’ ideas. I really like the image of an early prototype for the hydrate me water bottle.

    Looking into the possibility of mood changing contact lenses, there are lots of people interested in this idea. Some thoughts – how do you determine “mood?” Mood rings work by sensing temperature, but eye temperature doesn’t fluctuate as much as your skin. Some folks were very opposed to the idea of having their mood outwardly projected for others to see, again this question of privacy vs. sharing of information is coming up. The T-jacket also collects data on its users’ activity level and automatically uploads it to the T-jacket site even though this is not the primary function of the jacket itself.


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