Observations and Ideas | Kate

I have a really close relationship with my coffee cup. My coffee cup is a tool for preparing myself to enter the outside world each day, so I wonder how I can increase/intensify/stratify that process of preparation. I wonder if I could make a wearable to deepen levels of  interaction of waking up–either to tie my relationship with my cup to the sunrise, or the exterior temperature, or sounds outside. Light, heat, sound….?


On another topic (sort of related, but also totally different), I think in general about “wearables” for buildings, and in particular for domestic spaces. Could you make a curtain that negotiated that space between public and private–maybe something that opened (smart fabric) when it got hot out, and closed when it got cold, or had a lighting system in in that created some sort of passive interaction between interior occupants and neighbors/passersby/the general public? A lighting system integrated into it that indicated, but abstracted, the activities on the interior, and also relayed exterior activities back to those on the inside?

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