3 ideas

I spend LOTS of time on my bed 🙂 well even I don’t sometimes I want to cover myself with blankets to get immediate comfort. ( sometimes between lunch break or something) It feels so cosy and peaceful. I think it actually might help one’s immediate mental security for just being in the bed (perhaps)

So, here are my ideas with the blanket.

-A coat that has soft feel to it, which also has a sensor affects to the body to have a peaceful condition as when one is lying on bed covering with blanket  ( it could be temporary like when a person wants to take a rest when he is outside, during the break, he can simply turn on the sensor and leave his body to feel the cosiness and take rest efficiently.

–  accessories that controls the body’s condition as the person is lying on bed covering with blanket(like pulses).

-An actual blanket or robe(pajamas etc) that has also a sensor to make the person feel extra cosiness. ( to help people have extra peace when they are sleeping./ to help who has insomnia)


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