3 Ideas

1) We live in the era of smartphones and it connects us to the world and our friends. However, I forgot to have it with me so sometimes I missed calls and messages. Therefore, I think I would be good to have a simple wrist band or a bracelet that notify calls and messages through vibration or LED signals.

2) Winter in Chicago is brutal. It would be good to have smart hand warmer that can detect ambient temperature to adjust heating temperature. For example, It will have full temperature in outside and it will automatically turn temperature down when it is at room.

3) I have been interested about interactive gesture device. So, I would like to try to build an interactive speaker that can be controlled by gestures. Or an interactive gesture controller that can be paired with various device for different task


One thought on “3 Ideas

  1. I am interested in your second idea. I think it would be cool if the warmer worked like a heated blanket where insulated wire was woven across the material. Then they could warm up when the circuit is completed by having the gloves touch. When not touching the gloves would be inactive. For regulating the temperature you would need to look into some kind of digital thermometer and a code that would change the temperature when it reached a certain degrees.


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