HoloLens – Sam Scheib

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 1.02.54 PMIn last weeks class the Google Glass was brought up and a few people felt that the technology did not pick up with main stream culture and was abandoned as an idea for now. There are still companies interested in developing this idea, Microsoft has been working on their own high-tech glasses called HoloLens. They are focused on blending people’s digital world with their personal world by using holograms that can be interacted with.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 1.10.11 PM

The HoloLens is comprised of; translucent screens for the viewing of the holograms, cameras and sensors to scan the environment like one would see in the Xbox Kinect, meters to determine where the head is such as accelerometer, gyroscope, and a magnetometer, and finally 3D sound. The two interesting points of the build to me is the cameras/sensors and the 3D sound. The sensors do not only detect the room but also one’s limbs so that the wearer can physically manipulate the digital projection. Starting to sound like Iron Man. The use of 3D sound was interesting idea and the example popularmechanics.com used to explain it was when the HoloLens is projecting a video on a wall and the wearer turns around it will sound like the video is behind the wearer even though the source of the sound has not changed. As humans we need these illusions to believe in these virtual realities, and the advance technology are eerily becoming very believable.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 1.51.17 PM

On an art note, the images Microsoft is using to promote their project shows the HoloLens being used in artistic and engineering work spaces. Unlike Google Glass, which functions primarily as wearable connection to social media and google, the HoloLens could be used by a lot of professionals in their digital work. Maybe in the near future SAIC students will be using HoloLens in their work and studies.


Microsofts HoloLens website: https://www.microsoft.com/microsoft-hololens/en-us

Description on how it works: http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/gadgets/a15324/how-microsofts-hololens-works/

Iron Man image: http://i1-news.softpedia-static.com/images/news2/Elon-Musk-Is-Building-Iron-Man-s-Holographic-Computer-in-Real-Life-378278-2.jpg


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