Week 1 Reading Response – Sam Scheib

Not sure if this is where the reading responses goes.

Towards the end of reading the article I was thinking about how much of this kind of technology is researched by militaries and governments for their use. Most of the funding for these textiles is for those uses but there is not as much funding for the textiles’ other possible purposes. In the last paragraphs of their article she pointed out just what I was thinking. The author wants to see more playful and conceptual uses for electronic textiles which I agree with. The entire time I was in an accessories class I really wanted to put LEDs in bags and other wearables for at the very least a playful and unique visual. Taking it further for practical uses like some of the projects the author mentioned would be worth learning more about these textiles and experimenting for my own practice. I was particularly interested in the PuddleJumper raincoat by Elise Co. It had both aesthetic and conceptual use for the LEDs. Comfortable interactive clothing is a concept I would like to further research.

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