Reading Response: J. Berzowska

According to Joanna Berzowska, there is a lack of personal expression and intimacy with wearable technology. She states that the intentions of wearable technology focuses too greatly on replacing or augmenting the human experience rather than foregrounding the importance of textiles from a social, cultural, and economic context.  She states that the military was one of the first to introduce the concept of wearable technology, although for more functional uses.  She prematurely dismisses the practical uses of wearable technology as an art form and overlooks the introduction of this innovative accessible information that serves as a foundation or platform for future developments and more creative derivatives.  The transformation of wearable technology is essential and inevitable due to progression and evolution of modern society.  Technology exists as a new form of language and communication that is being explored to aid and enhance the human experience rather than eliminate it.  The material exploration for wearables is never ending; although wearables were initially experimented with bulky and awkward materials, Berzowska has not provided enough time and credit to the amount of research involved in increasing efficiency and user friendliness with the invention of new materials that function more harmoniously with the human body.


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